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05 March 2012

The “innovative advocacy” of the Barrier Monitoring Unit (BMU) provides a unique platform for Palestinian organisations to advocate for themselves, as shown through the Academic Co-operation Palestine Project approach. By creating a partnership network that ties international institutions to local ones, the BMU builds capacity for long-term educational and advocacy efforts within the West Bank. This co-operation also bridges the gap between collecting research and using it for advocacy purposes, with the aim of pressuring decision-makers and the State of Israel to meet their obligations under international law.

As a humanitarian research centre, findings from our field studies are published in a variety of written and visual media for other organisations to use in their advocacy. Through our quality research, we help other institutions to optimise their advocacy strategies, especially those targeting refugees.

Additionally, the BMU helps to bolster the resilience of communities impacted by the Barrier through its action-oriented fieldwork. Once trends and systemic problems are identified, the BMU works together with UNRWA‘s service-delivery programmes to comprehensively address the humanitarian needs of the Palestine refugee population. The BMU also makes recommendations to its partners and helps them to develop better programmatic and advocacy responses to support and protect impacted communities. This example illustrates how our research can be effective in creating positive changes on the ground.


Find a cache of quick profiles about some of the geographical areas and Barrier impacts the BMU documents.



Find resources related to the Barrier and Palestine refugees from the BMU and our partner organisations.

How we work

Learn about the partnership and research methodologies the BMU employs in all of its activities. From starting a project with partners to running a joint study, we harmonise all work processes through joint trainings and coordinated fieldwork.


Through partner networks and the ACPP, the BMU expands the abilities of organizations to conduct research and advocacy.

Academic co-operation


The BMU conceptualised, designed and implemented the Academic Co-operation Palestine Project (ACPP) platform, uniting international and Palestinian research organisations. This platform is a two-way knowledge transfer that builds research and advocacy capacities.

Local partner networks


The BMU connects organisations with similar goals and complementary skill sets to improve documentation and advocacy related to the Barrier. Find out how these partners come together and support each other by exchanging skills and knowledge.


Learn more about the BMU’s recent and upcoming events.



Discover the BMU’s training programmes.


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